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If you travelled to the USA what would you like to see?
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In the world there are many places which I would like to visit. And one of these places are surely the United States of America. I cannot say that I belong to the admirers of the Americans and their way of life. I mean the Americans seem to me as crazy unnatural people and their style of living is something very strange and differrent from what I call the way of life. Though I would like to see them live and it might develop my knowledge as well, and not only in English.

In spite of all these thoughts the USA is a beautiful country and there are a lot of places which I would like to see. Among these places are the American cities, monnuments and natural riches as well. And so I in this place would follow some words about a fictive sightseeing tour across the states and naturaly description of places I would appreciate to see.

I thik the first stop on my sightseeing tour in the USA would be the Northeastern coast. This part, also known as the new England, is the oldes and also the most developed part of the USA and I think that everybody who ever wanted to visit the USA wanted to visit also this part. Within this part I would like to visit the cities of Washington and New York ,not only because they symbolize the US, but also because of their history and monuments. In Washington I would surely like to see such common buildings as the White House or the Lincoln Memorial but the thing which attratts me the most is the MCI. It is the centre of entertainment but also sport and it contains one of the most spacious hockey arenas in the world. This arena is the home of the famous NHL club Capitals and for long years of our player Peter Bondra.

The second stop on my tour will probably be the Great Lakes Region on the northern border. It is known for its beautiful nature. Among the tourist attractions I would like to visit the Niagara Falls.

When speaking abot the natural riches of the US it is important to mention the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone Natural Park and also The Death Valley which would surely be the stops of my tour as well.

The next region which I would like to see is, of course, the West. This region contains plenty of cities which which would be surely visited by me. Among these I can mention Salt Lake City with its nice nature, mountaneous environs of Denver, then well known centres along the Pacific Coast as for example L.A., industrialized San Francisco or Sacramento are also really nice.

At the end of my journey I would like to move to the South to Dallas. It is the home town of my favourite hockey team: the Stars and I would surely like to see them play.

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