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Bournemouth, Dorset (UK) - The Role of Local Authorities in Sustainable Tourism
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1) Which is the authority responsible for preparing the Local Agenda 21?
The authority responsible for preparing the Local Agenda is the Bournemouth Borough Council.
2) What about Bournemouth’s local context?
Bournemouth is one of the leading British tourist resorts both by size and reputation. Besided traditional tourism, Bournemouth has also built up a great deal of activity related to language courses, as well as congresses and conferences, with the creation of the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), which enjoys a Europe-wide reputation.
3) Is tourism the main economic activity in Bournemouth?
Yes,Bournemouth owes ots prosperity to tourism, its leading economic activity. Tourism generates a lot of jobs.
4) What are the main problems concerning sustainability?
Bournemouth has always enjoyed a positive image for the quality of environment and its tourist facilities as well as a dynamic local economic context. Although Bournemouth’s environment is seen as relatively good, the Council is seeking to minimise the impact of global environmental problems, such as the rise in sea level caused by the climate change. Works are carried out to protect the coastline and pier structures. The Council has a priority to raise awareness among industry and the public of the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels. 5) What are the main aims of Bournemouth’s Local Agenda 21?
Local Agenda in this case has a preventive aim: to retain a positive environmental image, as well as that of a dynamic resort; to increase Bournemouth’s tourist activity, on which its economy is built and to permit the expected growth in tourism to be correctly managed, limiting its impact on the urban context and the environment. The LA21 also aims at allowing Bournemouth to be globally promoted on the European markets as a green resort. 6) Is the Bournemouth’s commitment to sustainable development recent?
No. Bournemouth recognised the need to act on environmental and sustainable development issues prior to the Earth Summit.
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Zdroje: Tourism and Local Agenda 21, ICLEI 2003
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