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Marie-Galante, Freach Carribean (Tourism and Local Agenda 21)
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1) Where is the community of Marie-Galante located?
The community of Marie-Galante is located in the Carribean. It is a French territory, an island administratively attached to the overseas department of Guadeloupe. 2) How is the community financed?
The Community is financed through direct taxation and by additional funding for investments from the public authorities. 3) What about its local context?
Marie-Galante is a small, essentially rural and marittime island. Which are the main activities?
Its main activities are agriculture (sugar cane production) and processing (rum), fishing, and handicrafts. 4) What about its cultural identity and natural environment?
The island has remained on the sidelines of development and modernisation. It has retained a strong cultural identity and relatively well-preserved natural environment. 5) What is its social context?
Social context is poor. Which are the main social problems in Marie-Galante?
Major social problems include unemployment, low income (dependent on social welfare) and the exodus of trained manpower. The island is heavily dependent on funding from mainland France and the EU.
6) Is tourism developed on the island?
No. Tourism in Marie-Galante is still largely undeveloped. Foreign investors are few and far between, and development is in the hands of the locals.
What type of tourism does prevail?
Tourism is typified by beach tourism and green tourism with short stays of between one and three days.
7) What is the main potential of the island?
Major potential fot the island is that it has remained as authentic island enjoyed by connoisseurs, it has retained its customs and boasts magnificent landscapes and well-preserved shoreline. 8) What are the main problems concerning sustainability?
Population decline (rural exodus and emigration), social and economic decline (high unemplyment, lack of motivation and resignation amongst the local population), deterioration of certain coastal environments and waste from urban areas, and presence of tourism (diving), pollution of agricultural origin and over exploitation of the forests, poorly controlled urbanisation and loss of rural areas and locally degradated landscapes. There is a threat of uncontrolled tourist development.
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Zdroje: Tourism and Local Agenda 21, ICLEI 2003
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