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Winchester, U.K. (Tourism and Local Agenda 21)
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1)Which is the dominant sector of Winchester's economy?
The district of Winchester is largely cominated by service sector employment, including: tourism, public administration, armed service, finance and electronics.
2) Economically speaking, is the area poor?
No. Unemployment in the area is consistently below national and regional averages.
3) What are the main architectural and cultural attractions?
Winchester offers a combination of interestings architesture, independent retailers and heritage attractions. The Cathedral, where the authore Jane Austen is buried, the replica Roun Table of King Arthur that has hung in Winchester’s Great Hall for over 600 yeares, national monument to King Alfred in the broadway..; in the summer season prize-winning floral displays, open air events in the streets and Abbey Gardens..
4) What about the transport network?
The city enjoys goo transport links; it takes one hour drive from London and less than 40 from the ferryports of Southampton and Portsmouth. It taked an hour from London by train (it means that also Heathrow International Airport with connections to the UK and Europe is an hour away), and benefits from direct train services from Scotland and the Midlelands. Southampton Airport is 20 minutes’drive from Winchester. 5) Does tourism represent an important sector of the district’s economy?
Yes, tourism is a mainstay of the district’s economy. Tourism spending supprts a lot of jobs (around 4,000) in the Winchester district.
6) What are the main tourism environmental effects which British historic cities have been
struggling with?
Erosion, congestion, pollution and intrusion. 7) What negative impacts do they cause on the local resident’s perception?
Resident perceive a conflict of interests that diminishes their quality of life. 8) How the district demonstrated its commitment to the principles of sustainable development?
Winchester’s tourism service played a significant role in demonstrating how the district’s commitment to the principles of sustainable development could be integrated into a service area.
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Zdroje: Tourism and Local Agenda 21, ICLEI 2003
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