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Storstrom County - Denmark (Tourism and Local Agenda 21)
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1) What does Storstrom County consist of?
Storstrom County costists of a group of islands- the three largest of which are Lolland, Falster and Mon- and the Southern part of Sealand. The County covers 24 municipalities.
2) When was Storstrom County Local Agenda 21 action plan adopted?
County’s Local Agenda 21 was adopted by the County Council in November 1997.
3) Is the County’s commitment to sustainable development recent?
No. The County has been involved in the “Green Region Project” since 1991, even before the Rio Conference.
4) What are the main business sectors in the County’s economy?
The main business sectors are the metal and electronics industries, food and beverages as well as agriculture- with special emphasis on grain and sugar beet coltivation.
5) Is tourism an essential sector of activity in the County’s economy?
No. Tourism is not a particularly important sector of activity in the County’s economy.
6)What are the main aims of Storstrom County’s Local Agenda 21?
The L.A.21 action plan was not prepared in view of any particularly serious environmental problems. Although agricultural pollution does exist, industrial activity is strictly regulated. Bathing waters are of high quality, and the County boasts a large number of “Blue Flag” labels. Does the Local Agenda 21 have a curative aim?

7) What are the main problems concerning sustainability?
Strostrom County’s priority for sustainability has been to take steps to reduce the amount of energy and natural resources consumed by companies. - the period 1991 to 1994: the efforts were concentrated in the fields of cleaner technology, ecohousekeeping, green tourism
- 1994-1996: green citizen services, sustainable agriculture, eco-education, international cooperation
- since 1997: relation between environment and health, environment and culture as well as education for sustainable development
8) What are the most important tourist-related actions undertaken by the County?
- Environmentally-friendly tourism enterprises (ETE). Its objective is to support the enterprises in their attempts to becoming more environmentally friendly enterprises, reducing their consumption and their load on the environment.
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