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Bullying (šikanovanie)
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What´s bullying? It is misuseing might or strength. Victims are particulary kids, who cannot resist, or they have undersized self-confidence, because they are different in some things:
E religion
E appearance ( hair, fat, small,
tall, "painful" clothes, wearing
E Character ( quiet, shy...)
E prefering loneliness than
So, bulliyng is cruel, paintly psychical or fyzical bother.

Bullies aren´t very nice people, you think. But that´s wrong. Bullies can be:
E popular
E they can have a lot of
E very clever
E good-looking
E popular with the opposite sex
E the fashion leaders in a school

So, they have support from their frends

What should you do?
E You should talk to person,
who is credible and who
believes you.
E You should call help, for
example police.

What shouldn´t you do?
E You shouldn´t put up with it.
E Don´t ignore it.
E You shouldn´t keep it to

1 Do you know, that one in 10
pupils in secondary schools
is bullied?
2 Every year, abot 10 young
people kill themselves, because
they are bullied in school
3 A lot of bullies become criminals
when they grow up
4 It isn´t boys who are bullies. Girls
can be bullies too.
5 Victims cannot forget bullying. It´s too hard to overcome it.
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