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What do you think about leaving home, using mobile-phones and "be cruel to be kind"
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In our country young people leave their parents when they are married. It is time when they are ready for their own life, they want to have more freedom and want to live like they want. Here are people who stay with parents only while they finish school and then they leave parents be-cause they go to school in other town or maybe other country. But here are people who live with parents while it is possible. In present when young people can travel all over the world it isn’t very often phenomenon. Present is very modern age when everything is so quickly and here are a lot of new inventions. One of the most used inventions is a mobile-phone. It is great thing, but lot of people use it in public on places like restaurants, on trains and buses. I think that they shouldn’t use it because it isn’t very decent when they talk with someone very loudly and they think that they are invisible. But here are situations when that it is right for example when there is accident and it is only one way like we can help. So, I think that people have to use mobile-phone, but there is decency and we should follow it. When we talk about decency we have to talk about older people. Many from older people think that it is time when they have to be serious, but I think that people are old like they feel. When they want to do something like is writing poetry or painting they should do it. Because when they won’t do it they won’t know what they lost. Of course when they are older everybody wants so that they will be more ra-tional but they don’t have to be. Usually older people have more experiences and they tell “Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind!” Yes, I think that it is true, because here are situations when the best thing witch we can do it’s be cruel. When somebody use drugs and we want to help him, we have to be cruel, we should tell about his drugs-taking to police or some-body who can help him effectively. When we will ignore this problem may be it will be even bigger problem like was before that. And here are more and more examples when these are true words.
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