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Isaac Asimov I, Robot
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Unfortunately Speedy broke down.They took old robots and went in mining tunels to repair Speedy.When he arrived Speedy was OK and he saved Greg Powell`s life.

Story 2

Half a year later Mike Donovan and Greg Powell are still on the Mercury.They made new robot called Cutie.But Cutie didn`t believe that this two men made him.
It realize itself.Men are unlucky because they can not explain Cutie that it is a their product.Cutie has his own Master.They let Cutie to do what he wants.
They find out that Cutie can keep special beam ,wich is sending the informations to the Earth,during the terrible storm.They are satisfied.Time later they were replaced by another two scientists.

Story 3

After two weaks holiday Mike Donovan and Greg Powell were send to an asteroid.They have to realized why group of robots didn`t work if somebody didn`t control them.If nobody control them they started to dancing.One day Mike and Greg were in trap.They shout on group of robots but robots can`t hear anything,they are dancing.Greg destroyed one of the robots with gun.At this moment all robots ran to help Mike and Greg.Leader of the robots could not managing six robots but only five.

Story 4

U.S Robots produced 34 RB robots but one of these robots was strange.His name was Herbie.They could saw in humans minds.Psychologist Susan Calvin spoke with Herbie.Susan loved manager of U.S robots Milton Ashe who was younger the she.Herbie saw this feel in her mind and he told she that Milton Ashe loves he too.Also he said that young woman with Milton Ashe had meeting is his cousin.At first time Susan didn`t believe but later he believe.Another person Peter Bogart went to talk with Herbie.Herbie told him that director of U.S robots dr.Lanning has already resigned and he will be the next Director.Bogart had dialog with Lanning and Lanning said that he will stay on his place and also Susan spoke with Milton Ashe and he sad that he will be marrie the young girl.Herbie was a liar.
Peter and Susan started to screaming on Herbie and he broke down.

Story 5. Susan Calvin and Peter Bogart had to find one of 64 robots who belongs to general Kallner.Robots in this locantion are used to protect humans between radiation.But robots have positronic brain and radiation can destroy it.Susan found the robot who belongs Gen. Kallner.It was Nestor 10.Time later this robot saved Susans live.

Story 6
One day politician Francis Quinn came into the Lannings cancelary.He told him that next governor Stephen Barley is a robot because nobody saw him eat,drink or sleep.Lanning and Calvin visited Barley.He ate an apple.Time later he hit a man and he brake first law of robotics.Everybody thinks that he isn`t robot.
But only Susan Calvin knews that he is a robot.

Characteristic of one character
Doctor Susan Calvin is a robot psychologist.She think that she is old and ugly.If I can compare it with pictures in the book I thik she is true.
She works for U.S robots company.She is thin and quite tall.She has white cold face and sharp eyes.Many people thinks that she never smiled.As I can read in this book I think she is not very friendly but she is clever. She loves younger man Milton Ashe.When he was child she was a cold girl,who dislikes world around her.?In 2002 he had met Alfred Lanning of U.S robots and
In 2008 began work for this company.She leaved it when she was 75.

Main thought
I think that main thought is that we can not risk with science and robots and treat considered with it.

My own opinion
I like this book because I like sci-fi.The book was sometimes hard to understand and there was a hard vocabulary
In general,I can say that I was surprised of good standart of this book.
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