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Books we read in our family
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Reading is to the mind what exercise is tothe body. These famous words are quotation true to reality. It is a piece of wisdom
Reading si very useful for our speech because it widens our word power. It is the source of both entertainment and knowledge. That is why are books so popular in our famly. In our family is commonly read prose. Let me characterise some of its genres.
Fairy-tales are favourite with the children. They are very necessarry for them to narrate or read, because they instil in children sense of justice. They reflect world as it should be. Thgey usually end happily.
Adventures novels are very similar in their substance to the fairy-tales because in the end everything is put to right and evil is punished. The plot is exciting and this piece of wisdom is more close to reality. Those, who like to read this genre are teenagers. The stories of detection are great favourites with all age categories. They shape our logical thinking. Thogether with the detectives we detected crime (kidnapping, robberies, murders, assassinations, smuggling)
Plot is very exciting and a good detective story with a psychological insight always keep reader in a great suspense.
Historical novels depict some excitnf story a love story with the historical background.
Thrillers and horrors depict some horrible and thrilling phenomens by means of them the readers are kept in a great suspence, they read well and people often read them at one sitting.
Psychological novels belong to the highbrow literature because they are always thich as they reveal not only actions but inner feelings, thoughts, emmotions of the main heroes.
Short stories are very popular and of many genres f.e. thrillers, sci-fi.. They are apt for busy people on for those who want to know what is the end like. In our family reading books isn`t so popular as watching TV. My dad doesn't like B, expecially books of many pages so he prefer newspaper. My mother loves the books with medical background and she is never put by them off. Younger brother like fairytales, that depict struggle between good and evil, and the evil is clasically punished.
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