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Cultural Life
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Culture is part of life of everybody (fashion, theatre, film, TV, radio, music) What do it come under Culture? Fashion, theatre, film, TV, radio, music etc. The people need culture. They need go to the theatre, they need some various form of dressing. The need pastime in lesuire time. Fashion Thanks to the modern garment industry, people are better dressed now than in the old days. Other advances in technology are impotant too: Manmade fabrics do not crease and you always look neat. Shirts, blouses, jumpers, and dresses from these new materials wash easily. There are several well-known fashion centres in the world - Paris, Rome, London, New York. Leading world designers think up new fashions each year and show them at their fashion shows. The garment industry then chooses the dresses and suits that are suitable for mass production. British men, especially office workers, are dressed more formally at work than men here. A dark suit with a tie, a bowler hat, and an umbrella is the trademark of an English gentleman in the City of London. Theatre Our family can watch a lot of plays on TV but we say that a performance on a real stage is the best. My parents go to the theatre sometimes. They go to the Klicpera's Theatre. So, I will say you some facts about theatre. The people who go to the theatre to watch a play are the audience and they sit in the auditorium. The people they go to see are the actors performing on the stage. A woman who acts is an actresses. Most actors today have studied at dram school. Many people are regular Theatre-goers and look forward to the next performace. The play may be a tragedy, a serious play about great suffering, or a comedy, which is light and amussing. Shakespear's Hamlet is a tragedy an Midsummer Night's Dream is a comedy. Theatres in British and the U.S.A. Most of the professional theatres in London are in the West End, but the new building of the National Theatre is on the south bank of Thames, near two concert hals built since the war. There are three stages in the National Theatre. Opera and ballet are performed at the Royal Opera House in central London. The Royal Shakespeare Company plays in London and, from April 23rd, Shakespeare's birthday, till the end of the tourist season in October, in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace. In the U.S.A. only large cities have professional theatres. But there are many theatre performances in the universities.
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