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The Others (movie)
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Horror films these days we can differentiate to two groups: slasher, blood and stupid actions; and others with psychological plot and suspense. The Others is a good example of the second type.

Nicole Kidman stars as Grace, a woman living alone with her two children: Anne and Nicholas in a large mansion on the island near to English coast. She is waiting for her husband who has been fighting in World War II. Her children are allergy to bright light and they must to live in darkness. One day, a trio of servants: Mrs. Mills, Mr. Tuttle and Lydia, who is silent, knock at her door. They are a lit bit shocked about rules, which includes locked doors and darkness, which must be everywhere, but they are poor and they want to work. You think they are only servants, but you will find out, that they know more. Later, the strange sounds are heard and somebody plucks aside the window curtains. Anne sometimes talks to an invisible boy–Victor. Grace doesn’t believe her. But she must admit that she hears the sounds and people too. Suddenly world of ghosts and normal people starts to intersect!

However, Nicole Kidman and others actors are Americans and money came from America, script and director are from Spain. It is felt. There aren’t any complicated tricks and only few shocks, but atmosphere was created for fear. All and sundry actors were great, especially Nicole Kidman, whose acting was very persuasive. Sometimes, you were afraid of her!
This movie is a combination of a good ghost story and some descent acting.
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