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The School System in the Czech Republic, Greate Britain and The USA
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12) The School System in the Czech Republic, Greate Britain and The USA

1) The Czech System of Education
a) The small children younger than 3 years can visit a creche (jesle). There are a qualify nursery. And children older than 3 years can visit a nursery school. This is a preparing (příprava) for normal school. They learning songs, dances, colours, animals, sometimes even a foreign language here.
b) School attendance in the Czech republic is for children from 6 to 15 years. Most children visit state school but there are some privat or church school. But when we want study these schools we can must pay much money for education. Handicap children study separately (odděleně). The school year starts on 1st September and ends on 30th June of the other year. The school year is divided (rozdělen) into two terms. First terms is from September to January and second is from February to June. A school day is different at various schools. For example: Secondary school is easier then primary school and so on. Classes (vyučování) begin between 7:55 and 8:15 and ends between 12:20 and four hours. One lesson lasts (trvat) 45 minutes and there are small breaks between lessons last from 5 to 20 minutes. Pupils (žáci) are evaluated (zhodnotit) by marks from one to five. One is the best and five is the worst. But for me fourth is excellent mark very often. Education in our country includes these stages: pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary.
c) At 6 children start to go to primary school and they stay there until 15. Then many pupils continue study on grammar (gympl), special (odborná) or vocational school. They must do entrance examinations (příjmací zkoušky) to many school. But clever pupils can study when they 11 or 13 in Grammar school. They must do entrance examinations to. d) Grammar schools is general (všeobecný) and very hard education, which prepares (připravuje) students for university. In our countries Grammar school we said a Gymnasium. Special schools which include technical colleges, specialised in building, chemistry, business academies, music, art schools and so on. Vocational schools prepare students for practical jobs.
e) Secondary school usually lasts for 4 years. Study on Grammar and Special school must be finished with a leaving examination (maturita) which is required (požadováno) by all universities and colleges. This examination is from the most important subject in a school.
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