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Christina Aguilera biography
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Christina Aguilera is one of the most famous pop-singer at the present.She was born in State Island in 1980.Her father was an american officer and her mother was a tallented pianist and violinist.When her parents divorced,she moved with her mother to Pittsburg.She has effected in a well-know Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.Her first song was called Reflection.In 1999 she recorded her debut album "Christina Aguilera" with hit record "Genie in a bottle" and album "My kind of Christmas".She has won Mtv,Grammy and Latin Awards.One year later she has recorded a song "Lady Marmelade" with Lil Kim,Pink and Mya,and duet with Ricky Martin "Nobody wants to be lonely".After a short break she has had anew album out.Album is called "Stripped" and the hit record is" Dirty".After this song Christina wnts to draw attention with a courageous song "Beatiful" and also with song "Fighter" and "Can t hold us down".In a song "I am O.K." she describes a life with his father,who beated Christina and her mother.Now she is on a tour with Justin Timberlake.She wants to play in a movie like her rival Britney Spears.Many people hate Christina because she has changed.But she said :"I am not a little girl.Ihave just 21 years and I want to be different.I am a rebel like my idol Madonna.".
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