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Country I Live In
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The country I live in is called The Slovak Republic. It established on 1. of January 1993 as a new republic after the splitting of CSFR.
The total area of my country is about 49.000 km2. It is situated in the middle of Europe and its neighboring states are as follows: Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.

The surface of Slovakia is predominantly mountainous. We can see Small Carpathian Mountains, the White Carpathian Mountains, the Orava Beskydy, etc.Towards the east continue the higher Inner West Carpathian Mountains – the Tatras with the peak of Gerlach 2.655 meter high in High Tatras. Then we can see Low Tatras, Small Fatra Mountains and Big Fatra Mountains.

The Slovak climate is mild; it passes between the oceanic and continental climates. In the highlands and mountainous parts of the country there are mostly woodland. The most favorable climatic conditions for winter sports and tourism can be found in the Low and High Tatras which are the largest national reservation of our country. There are 724 protected areas covering the territory of 9.200 km2.

The largest Slovak river is the Danube, which comes to Slovakia from Austria.The longest river is The Vah. The largest numbers of Slovak lakes are of glacier origin – the largest and the deepest of them is Great Hinca Mountain Lake.

The territory of Slovakia is very rich in mineral springs, many ofwhich are thermal springs. A sufficient amount of healing mineral springs enabled to build up and open world famous spas in the towns of Piestany, Turcianske Teplice, Bardejov, etc.

Slovakia is populated by more than 5.4 million inhabitants. The average density of its population is 109 people per 1 km2. The most densely inhabited parts of Slovakia are its hollows and plains. In the mountains is the density of population much lower.
As far as the national composition of its inhabitants is concerned, the strongest nationality is the Slovaks who form 85% of all inhabitants. The strongest minority are the Hungarians, then Romany inhabitants, Czechs, etc.

The administrative division of the country consists of 8 regions and 79 districts. The largest town of the country and at same time its capital is Bratislava with 450 thousand inhabitants. Other large cities are: Kosice, Nitra, Presov, Banska Bystrica, etc.

The most decisive branch of our national economy is industry. The prevailing role has engineering.
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