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The British people

The British are very polite, they use very often the sentences such as: "Sorry", "Please", "Thank you" and so on.. When man accompanys woman along the street he must walk between her and road. They are self-disciplined, they don't break the speech of anybody else. They don't speak loudly and they don't like showing off.
They don't shake their hands very often, only when they are introduced to each other the first time, see the friends after a long time or when they say goodbye before someone's long journey.
The British people don't kiss in the public so often as it is on the continent. When they kiss we can say it's only social, formal kiss on the cheeks. They are very cold and reserved, they don't like speaking to you, if you haven't been formaly introduced. They don't like showing their feelings and emotions. Another idea is about their customs and traditions, they like them very much. Typical symbol of all traditions is the queen and her family. The British criticize their government but they don't like foreigners to do it. It's forbidden to criticize the queen.
One of the old traditions is tea-time or tea-party (it is about 4 or 5 p.m.). Typical is tea with milk.
They love family life and their home. Typical phrase is: "My home, my castle." They like gardening very much and they like the activities to-do-yourself. Their leasure (free) time they like to spend with family. Many people who live in big cities have the small houses in the country, they spend the week-ends there. They also love pets, especially dogs.
We can say they are sport-lovers too. They watch matches on TV and they really enjoy it. The most popular sports are football, golf, tennis (golf and tennis were 'born' in England), cricket and horse-racing.
When you are invited for the dinner for example, you must come in time, you shouldn't be late 'cause it's impolite to left your hosts waiting. You should bring a small present – like champagne or box of chocolate. At the table they don't clink the glasses and they don't use sentence "Good appetite!" very often. They try to start and finish eating at the same time. They are talking while they are eating at the table with the neighbour on the left or the right. You are never forced (pressed) to drink alcohol or eat when you don't want to.
They have their own sense of humour and in many times it can't be understood for foreigners.
They love at puns very much.

Men never pay for women in restaurant! Children under fourteen aren't allowed to stay in the pub.
Alcohol can't be sold to people under eighteen and all the shops which are selling alcohol must have a licence. Alcohol is sold from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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