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Laurence Sterne The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
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*** p.64 ***

But let us get back into the story, concretely to one of its dominants which is the father of Tristram Shandy, Valter Shandy, developing on the background of the main story of this work, beginning with the conception of his son until his child age.
As I have already said, Valter was a man thinking, considering, always looking for the truth. He was a man who read hundreds of books not only philosophical under of which influence he created many new and original theories, which were of an immense importance to him. However, it was a pity that there was not a single person next to him who could support any of his theories, which resulted in the feeling of irritation and estrangement and in inability to communicate with others. One of his beliefs was about how the child must be born. He was sure that it is extremely important to do it by the Caesarean. However, Tristram is born in a natural way.

*** p.124-125 ***

Another belief was that it is important to have a visible nose because as he says the nose is a guaranty of success, wealth and of forming one’s personality. However, Tristram’s nose is damaged while being pull out of mother’s body by a special instrument of Dr. Slop.
He also believes that the first name for a child must be chosen very carefully because it influences his personality.

*** p.51-52 ***

And what was the name chosen for Tristram?

*** p.225-226 ***

We now about father’s aversion to the name Tristram but as we know, the book hold this name in its title, so it is clear, that something went wrong.

*** p.231-232 ***

Speaking about all the disasters mentioned, which happen to Tristram, resulting in father’s suffering, an evident paradox may be visible. It is clear that Valter is an immense pedant; he approaches and prepares for the birth of his son in a very responsible way, even more responsibly as the mother herself:
1) he chooses the best specialist available, Dr. Slop;
2) he gathers information about possible danger connected to the act of giving birth;
3) he searches for the best alternative of the name for his son.
It all means that the arrival of his son is prepared in all details and he believes that everything will go perfectly. However, everything that seems to be of a great importance to Valter is destroyed somehow in a few hours. Months of planning and awaiting are broken in a moment, and father deeply touched and disappointed starts to be apathetic and he is trying to find the reason of this misfortune. Is it a conspiracy of heavens? is it a chance? is it a curse? (Or is it a concrete ancient curse held by Valter and read by Dr.
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