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The official name of our country is The Slovak Republic. It is situated in the Central Europe; we can say that it lies in the heart of Europe. With the size 49,036 km2 we can say that Slovakia ranks among small countries.
Slovakia has five neighbour states: In the north it is Poland, in the east Ukraine, in the south Hungary, in the west Austria and in the north-west it is Czech Republic. The shortest border is with Ukraine and the longest with Hungary.
Slovakia is very mountainous country. There are High Tatras in the south of the country, where is the highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains called Gerlach Peak with height 2655m. A few kilometres southern there are Low Tatras, that are not so high as High Tatras, but there is very nice nature and it is an ideal place for hiking. The most famous places of High Tatras are Gerlach Peak, Kriváň Peak and tarns, for example Štrbské, Popradské. These tarns are very popular about the beautiful nature. The most popular peaks in Low Tatras are Ďumbier, Zvolen, Chopok and Kráľová Hoľa. There are also other mountains in the country, but they are not as popular as Tatras are, especially for foreign tourists. In the west there is Big Fatra, Small Fatra and White Carpathian Mountains, Small Carpathian Mountains. In the east part of the central Slovakia there are mountains called Slovak Paradise, and Slovak Karst. In the east of Slovakia there are mountains, which are not very high. There are Slanske Hills and Vihorlat Mountains. The largest and the most important lowland for agriculture is Sub-Danube Plain, which is situated in the southwest of the country. In the west there is Zahorska Plain and in the southeast there is another large lowland called Eastern Slovakia Plain.
In the Slovakia we can find a lot of mountains and because of that there are many rivers and brooks. The biggest rivers are Moravia, Hron, Ipel, and Ondava in the east. The most important river is Danube. Many rivers disembogue into Danube, especially in west and central Slovakia. There is also a port in Bratislava. In Komarno, there is a factory, where new ships are constructed. The longest river is The Vah, that is 378km long. There are many lakes in Slovakia but they are not very large. According to the lakes in states like Finland, we can say they are very small. The most famous lakes are in High Tatras, where they are called tarns. The most important reservoirs are Orava Water Dam, Liptov Dam and Big Domaša Dam.
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