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Problems of youth
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I would like to present some thoughts about the problems of young people in Liptovsky Mikulas. They`re connected with how young people spend their free time in the evenings here. The most serious problems occur on Friday evenings when there`s no school on the other day so the students don`t have to prepare for it. They walk in the local pubs and sometimes they get drunk. Then they have problems with the police.

Student – how does it seems to you?
I attend the local grammar school and I think that it`s good that young people are allowed to go to pubs. They can talk, play billiards and have fun with friends there. But I also realize that some of them are really irresponsible and illegaly drink alcohol so after that they become very rude and start doing stupid and noisy things. When they are really drunk and the police, who have a full right to arrest them because of illegaly drinking alcohol, appear, the manager of the pub could also have problems.

We are the adults
I spoke to some parents and according to their statements I can say that they en block agree with the opinion that young people should be allowed to go to the pubs. But this might happened only on condition that the pub shouldn`t be able to sell alcohol or tobacco to the people younger than 18. They think that if there is a condition like that there will be less problems with the police.

In conclusion I would like to remark that whatever is done to stop teenagers having problems with the police would help. But be sure that if you forbid something they`ll find some more ways to get it anyway because something more forbidden is more wanted. However I wish and I hope that the situation of youths drinking alcohol will improve and the teenagers will realize that by doing this they are only damaging their health.
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