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Spring holidays

Slovak people usually spend spring holidays in mountains, because during at this season are very good conditions for winter sports (snowboarding, skiing, big foot, sledging and ice skating). People enjoy this kind of sports because their only ability to do these sports is only winter and spring. Sometimes people go to Austria also in summer to do these sports on iceberg, but it is very expensive. Speaking of expensiveness the Slovak High Tatras are the cheapest choice. On the downhill runs are many buffets and when are people tired or thirsty they go and they buy kind of refreshment (usually tea with rum). This also improves Slovak middle class, which are capitals. This is good for tourism business.

Many of the Slovak people like this season and many of them use the opportunity to do this kind of sports. That. s because the tourism centers are during the spring holidays extremely painty. The famous tourism and ski centers are: Donovaly, Pleisy, Starý Smokovec and many many others. Spring holidays are not only about doing winter sports, but they are also about making recognitioning tours. Many of visitors of our mountains prefer only watching to the pure nature. People accommodate in hotels near the mountains or ski centers and they just walk the hotel and mountains, they are making photos of where they were and what they have seen. Some of them return because of good memories from trips they had made there in past.Slovakia has got a lot of caves to visit, so other people prefer this kind of spending holidays. They visit whole web of caves usually placed in the middle of Slovakia. Tourists usually go to: Demänovská cave, Ochtinská cave, Araginitová cave& There are also people that during holidays are working and some of them not, but they also sit in their flats and do the things as usual. .

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