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Our cottage
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Our cottage

We bought our cottage four months ago. It´s situated near Kroměříž in a small village. There are many rooms, a big garden and a granary.
Our main meeting place is a kitchen. There is a rectangular table to which belong a wooden bench and chairs with white cushions. But the most amazing thing in our kitchen are old tiled stove which are nearly 100 years old. When you light the fire in it, the kitchen becomes friendly and warm place. We always sit in the kitchen to drink our hot mug of coffee or tea and to talk about things we have done this day. It´s very pleasant especially in winter. There are also two windows which look out into the garden.
The other room is a living room. There are a black-and-white TV, sofa with armchairs and a small table and an old "American Heating" stove. We spend our evenings here. You fall asleep soon in this room. There is also a bedroom of my grandparents, but there isn´t anything special. Maybe big, wooden bed is. I and my sister have a bedroom, too. But in the room there aren´t any stove, so it´s very cold room in winter. We are putting this room right, so I can´t describe it well.
Oh, I forgot. There is an another room between the kitchen and the bedroom of my grandparents. There are a back door, but we don´t use them. But what is original in the room it is a big fireplace.
I´ve written about the granary. But it isn´t used as the granary. There are three rooms, two rooms are small and one room is bigger than a living room in our flat in my hometown. In the big room there are old books, magazines and papers which tell us about the past of an original owner.
The garden is very big and there is a very interesting place. You can see it only in old houses. It´s a dry toilet („kadibudka“). I like our cottage very much. Days are going by so fast there.
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