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Family life
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Young people in the Czech Republic tend to marry younger than they do in Britain. While many Czechs marry and have children in their early twenties, it is quite common for British people to start a family in their thirties.
British families tend not to be as close as they are here and there is not always the help and support parents and other relatives.
The housing situation is different too. While many Czechs live at home with their parents until they marry and often afterwards as well, a lot of young British people leave their family home when they start work. Housing is easier to find in Great Britain than in the Czech Republic.
More marriages are prompted by the bride being pregnant in our country than in Britain. British teenagers have greater access to sex education and contraception than Czech teenagers.
There are a few people who live together or have children without being married. In Britain this social taboo has lost much of its social stygma. Nowadays society accepts the idea of people living together, maybe as a prelude to marriage. Divorce is common in both countries.
Not all British women have their children in hospitals, some of them choose to give birth at home.

Questions :
1. How would you define the word “family“ ?

2. What would you like to change about family life?

3. What is the ideal family size and why?

4. What do you think about divorce?

5. What do you think about people living together and having children outside of marriage?.
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