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Buses are usually equipped with better seats, dark glass against the sun, air-conditioning, television and radio, and often with toilet as well. Some buses even offer travellers food and drink. In such conditions even a long trip can be rather pleasant. Far more often that long-distance bus lines, we use city mass transit buses. We can get around town also by tram, trolleybus and in Prague also by subway.
When getting ready for a trip to a distant country or to a different continent, we can travel by car, bus, ship or plane. The most attractive option is usually to travel by ship and plane. Planes take us to our destination in a relatively short period of time.
On board a ship we´ll spend more time than in plane. For us, Europeans, a ship is most often used to get from the European mainland to Great Britain and back. On board a ship all is prepared to make the trip as pleasant as possible for the passangers. The possibility of seasickness from the waves is also taken into account.
Bicycle riding is comparable to walking. The reason is that we are spending our own energy to get our destination. The market for bicycles offers mountain bikes or road bikes. Hitch-hiking is a very special type of travelling. Mostly it´s used by young people who aren´t afraid of taking a risk. Some travellers get to very distant countries in this way. Young people travel mainly for the sake of their education, to improve their language skills and often also for fun and adventure.
If we prefer not to travel alone, we can take advantage of the services offered by travel agencies, who will usually take care of all our needs – accommodation, transportation, health insurance, accident and baggage insurance. It´s very important to have a valid passport. It´s also good to get an international health insurance card. If we want to take some animal along with us – our dog or cat, we need also veterinary certificate of our pet´s health. For the duration of our vacations or holidays we may live in a chalet, a boarding house or a hotel. After our arrival at the hotel we can have our baggage brought into the hall. We inform the receptionist of our arrival and then we get a key with our room number. A porter will have brought our luggage to our room. If our room is one of the higher floors, we can take the stairs or use the elevator.
Our room furnishing depends on the category of a hotel we´re staying at. It can be a single room, a double or have even more than two beds. There is also a restaurant at the hotel where we have our breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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