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Besides the exhibition of paintings, there are exhibitions of photographs, statues, as well as objects made of wood, iron, glass and so on. We can visit museums, too. Not every town has a museum. There are many kinds of museums. These can be museums of history, agriculture, industry and so on. Most museums are concentrated in our capital, Prague.
When I was small I visited with my parents or aunt various castles and chateaux. One can learn a lot of that way about the distant past. In getting a guided tour we admire the beatiful furnishings of the owners of long ago, the arms of the nobility, soft carpets and artistic paintings. Reading is another source of knowledge and culture. A book solves a whole series of our questions. A good book, however, poses new questions. I like reading books. My favourite books are by J.R.R. Tolkien, A. Christie, R. Fulghum and H. Pawlovská.
Radio and television are also a part of people´s lives. You probably have an idea as to how much time you spend watching television or listening to the radio. Some people have the nasty habit to put on television immediately after coming home. For example, it´s the habit of my sister. Sometimes I like watching television ( HBO, MTV ). I like listening to radio Kiss Publikum. I think that the culture include music as well. Listening to modern music is my hobby. We can divide pop bands to several groups. I like listening to rock, nu metal and neo punk. My mother says about this kind of music that it is agresive. Maybe it is. My favourite bands are Guano Apes, Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Garbage, No Doubt, Kai Tracid and many others. I listen to DJ Tomekk and DJ Tomcraft, too.
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