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Cultural life in our town
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Cultural Life in our town is not so rich as in bigger cities. We can go to two cinemas, to the Cultural House, dancing, or we can stay at home and watch television, surf internet, play with computer, listen to the radio or compact disks and read books or magazines. In our town is not the theatre. I like going to comedy to the theatre, but I don´t like tragedies, the opera or the ballet. But If you want to go to the theatre: People usually come dressed up. They take off their coats in the cloakroom, where they can also hire opera glasses. It is rather difficult to get tickets to the stalls. There are also boxes, but they are quite expensive, or circles. People usualy read the programme before the performance to see who stars in the play or opera and who plays the supporting roles and something about the story. I do not read the programme I don´t want to know who is a murder in a tragedy before the performance! It is stupid. I don´t want to know who designed the stage scenery and costumes. Then the musicians begin to tune their instruments and soon the conductor appears and the orchestra starts to play an overture. The lights go out, the curtain go up and the performance begins.. Between two acts is interval, we can walk in the foyer, buy some drinks and share opinions of the performance with another theatregoers. When the performance is over, the audience (sometime, if is the performance good) bursts into applause. The stars are called out and sometime they have to give encores. We can go to two cinemas which offer film shows twice a day all the yeat round. The repertory of the cinemas is not very specialized. On Thursdays is in the Banik Cinema the movie club FK´93, which offer special movies for demanding cinemagoers. In the past it was necessary to book the tickets for a performance in advance. Since that time attendance has declined partly due to the fact that people has less free time, they are lazier to leave their homes and they already have television and video at home. The repertory of cinemas is focused on presenting commercial, action films which draw large audiences. The next reason may be high admission. Nowadays we can get the tickets about half an hour before the performance. Before I go to the cinema, I choose the film very carefully and I invitate my friend to the cinema. I don´t like violence and blood. I prefer slovak (or slav) films to commercial american stupid films. I like witty comedies and films about young people above all.
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