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The Pros and Cons of Living in the Country
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Living in the country has both advantages and disadvantages. It is not so hard to find some disadvantages. The biggest one is that you are out of busy life and there are not so many interesting things to do, places to see like in a town. There are usually no theatres, cinemas, swimming pools and people have very poor opportunities to entertain themselves. Very big problem is that there are any hospitals and if people are sick they have always to travel to town (many times very far). What is more, when people want to work they have to come frequently to bigger towns where is more work and well-paid jobs and they have to have a car for better moving. There are no universities and secondary schools. If there is a school, the quality is not so high and students have many times problems when they move to another school in a town. Last of all, there live many old people and it is very hard to bring something new, which will be helpful for them.

However, for something negative is always something possitive. One of the best things are the people round there. They are so friendly, they know each other more closer and they try to help themselves. Living in the country is very calm, not so dangerous and the air is not pollutied. The roads and streets aren`t crowded and all countryside is very clean. It is very healthly to live there. Many people have their own traditions, typical for country which aren`t conserved in town.

In conclusion, living in the country has more disadvantages than advantages and I prefer living in a town. Living there isn`t so modern but people usually live there longer than in town. They are happier, more healthy and live easier life.
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