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John Grisham My Favorite English Writer
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I have more favorites. I am Slovak and I love slovak culture and slovak literature. But our english teacher said that we have to write about our favorite english writers so I write about John Grisham.
John Grisham is young american jurist (právnik). He is graduate (absolvent) of university of Mississippi and famous Old Miss Law School.
In 1989 appeared (vyšiel) his first novel WHEN TO KILL. In 1991 appeared his second novel THE FIRM, which theme is about washing of the impure (špinavé) money. He wrote his next novel THE PELICAN BRIEF in 1992.
I have already read slovak interpretation (preklad) of THE PELICAN BRIEF. My best friend gave my this book as present for my eighteen birthday and I was very happy. I read the book. The story was exciting (napínavý). It was a detective novel. Two judges of Federal court of the United states of America (Najvyšší súd USA) were killed overnight (cez noc). The most heinous (najnenávidenejší) american nineteenone years old judge Abraham Rosenberg died in his bad. Khamel, the most expensive murderer on the world, pistoled him and his procurer (opatrovateľ), when they sleep. In the same night the same murderer strangled (uškrtil) the second judge Glenn Jensen in the homosexual porno cinema in Washington D. C.
On next morning were American people appaled (zdesení). FBI was appaled. The White House was appaled. Professor Thomas Callahan was appaled and his student and mistress (milenka) Darby Shaw was appaled, too. Professor Callahan was so hapless (nešťastný) that he want only swig (chlastať) whisky.
Darby Shaw gave to university library. She read [red] a lot of forensic (právnický) books, year-books of Federal court of U.S.A. She want to write a thesis about these murders. She wrote and wrote. And The Pelican Brief was completed (hotový). She gave it to her professor and love Thomas. When he read the thesis, he was shock. He was surprised. He run to Washington, he meet [met] his best friend Gavin Verheek. Gavin worked in FBI not as an agent but as a federal jurist. Gavin was keen on the thesis, he took it to his boss, his boss took it to general boss of FBI Voyles and FBI boss took it to the White House, to the american president.
A few days later Thomas have a quarrel with Darby. He get on his Porsche. Darby was angry. She want call a taxi, just when professor´s Porsche explode. Thomas Callahan was dead. Somebody kill him. Somebody want to kill Darby, who should have been with Thomas in the car.
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