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There are many traditions, holidays and festivals all over the world. But not every country has the same traditions. The most celebrated holidays are Christmas, New Year´s Day, Easter and also St. Valentine´s Day. This holidays are the most famous and favourite holidays in the most countries of the world. Every country has its own holidays and traditions for that holidays. For example Slovak republic has All saints holidays and Anniversary of Slovak national Uprising, Mother´s Day etc. There are also some typically `American` holidays: Halloween, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents´ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran´s Day and the most famous holidays are Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day. Mostly all holidays are connected with history of countries.

The world famous festival is Halloween. But this name is common for America and Great Britain. Halloween means the eve of All Saints´ Day of All Hallows Day and takes place on 31st October. Like some other American celebrations, its origins lie in both pre-Christian and Christian customs. Although it is a much more important festival in United States than in Britain, it is celebrated by many people in the United Kingdom. It is particulary connected with witches and ghosts. At parties people dress up in strange costumes and pretend they are witches. Sometimes the witches have black cats with. Their traditions are that people may play difficult games for fun, such as one of the most popular is called pin- the-tail-on-the-donkey: One child is blindfolded and spun slowly so that he or she will become dizzy. Then the child must find a paper donkey hanging on the wall and try to pin a tail onto the back. The other game is trying to eat an apple from a bucket of water without using their hands. How is it possible? By sinking his or her face into the water and biting the apple!

In recent years children dressed in white sheets knock on doors at Halloween and ask if you would like a `trick` or `treat`. Pirates and princesses, ghosts and popular heroes of the day all hold bags open to catch the candy or other goodies that the neighbours drop in. As they give each child a treat the neighbours exclaim over the costumes and try to guess who is under the masks. Sometimes the children sing songs and recite to neighbours for thanks for the candies. However, if you do not, the play a `trick` on you, such as making a lot of noise of spilling flour on your front doorstep.
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