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The Royalists
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His opinion had been that soldiers should be loyal and devoted than to be indifference. He told to Parliament members that they should get rid of leading the army because the army needed soldiers and not politicians. This was signed by SELF DENYING ORDINANCE. It was only in 1645, following the formation of the “New Model Army”. This army had been leading by Fairfax. This army won at Naseby, that the war took a decisive turn. The last Royalist Army was beaten at Langport while in Scotland the Marquess of Montrose was defeated at Philiphaugh. Year after they attacked Oxford and king had to run away from. After this Parliament became winner but the country had stayed royalist.
The Parliament could not fulfil demands of army. The Parliament wanted:
A/ dissolve army,
B/ let in the army just Presbyterians and discharge Independents
Like suspicious,
C/ not to pay them soldier´s pay.
Charles was executed in January 1649.
The civil wars caused comparatively little loss of life or destruction of property. Politically, their consequence was the establishment of the Commonwealth and Protectorate.
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