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IDS becomes his-Tory
IAIN DUNCAN Smith was tonight ousted as leader of the Conservative Party. He failed to win the required support of the majority of the 165 MPs who took part in this afternoon's secret ballot at Westminster.
After weeks of fevered speculation about his future the result, when it was announced at 7pm tonight, came as little surprise.
However, it was closer than many pundits had predicted with 75 MPs pledging their support and 90 saying they had no confidence in IDS - effectively meaning the outcome was decided by just eight people.
Afterwards, speaking on the steps of Conservative Central Office Mr Duncan Smith said it had been an "immense honour" to lead the party.
And he pledged to back his sucessor, whoever it might be, saying: "I will give that leader my absolute loyalty and support."
Now the Tories must elect their third party leader in six years - with shadow chancellor Michael Howard looking the early front-runner for the job. Howard quickly announced he would seek the leadership, while heavyweights David Davis, the shadow deputy prime minister, and shadow home secretary Oliver Letwin said they will not stand - instead choosing to back Howard.
Reports filtered out of Westminster last night that two possible 'wildcard' candidates - shadow trade supremo Tim Yeo and shadow foreign minister Michael Ancram - will not stand either.
This morning IDS had pleaded with his MPs to end a decade of bitterness and division and endorse his leadership.
He told them there was no "white knight" who could come charging to the rescue and win the next General Election.
In a 20-minute address to the Tory backbench 1922 committee, Mr Duncan Smith admitted he had made mistakes - but said any new leader would have to go through the same learning curve.
And he told them: "We must end the bitterness that has tarnished
our party, not just for two years but for the last 10 years."
But his plea fell on deaf ears - and now the race to choose his successor begins in earnest.

IDS loses confidence vote

· Vote: 75 for, 90 against
· Michael Howard to stand
· Davis and Letwin to support Howard

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent
Wednesday October 29, 2003

Iain Duncan Smith tonight lost the confidence vote on his leadership, forcing him out of office barely two years after he took over from William Hague.
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