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Weather in Slovakia
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I want to tell you something about Weather in Slovakia. Weather in our country is interesting and varied. Slovakia is in the Middle Europe. We don´t have sea and sunny beaches, but in Slovakia change four seasons during the year. The first season is spring. Spring is characteristic by a lot of various colors in the nature, flowers in blossom and little cubs. The spring is usually warm with temperatures about 10-15 °C. March, April and May are spring months. In the spring grow first flowers for example snowdrops, violets, daffodils, tulips and dandelions. The spring is nice season, we are glad the winter is gone. The second season is summer. Summer is the warmest seasons of the year. There are hot summers in Slovakia, temperatures rise to 20-30 °C. During the summer students have holidays and many of them spend vacation at the sea. The summer months are June, July and August. I like summer, because weather is always sunny and warm. In this season are mellowing many fruits and vegetables. Next season is autumn. Weather is during autumn cooler than in the summer (about 20-10 °C). For this season is typical to see kites in the sky, and leaves falling down from the trees. When is autumn wet and warm, we go to the forest and pick up mushrooms, or we go for a walk. Autumn´s days are shorter and nights are longer. Some birds leave for warmer lands, and in the air one can feel, that winter is nearing.
The last season of the year is winter. The weather during winter is cold, temperatures drop often deep under freezing point. Winter is my favourite season. In the winter we usually have snow, especially in the mountains. Children build snowmen and the whole town is white. Many people go skiing to High Tatras or to Low Tatras. Days are very short and nights are long. I like all seasons of the year and their weather, but I think winter is the best.
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