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Woody Allen biography
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The film satirized Russian literature and culture but contained serious philosophical questions.
The bittersweet movie "Annie Hall" received numerous accolades, including four Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Actress (Diane Keaton), Best Director (Allen) and Best Original Screenplay (Allen and Marshall Brickman). In 1978 he showed in "Interiors" probed the angst and petty betrayals of an upper-class family with three daughters. One year later Allen wrote his most profitable, and probably his best film, "Manhattan". During the shooting of his next movie "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy" Allen found a new leading lady - Mia Farrow. During next 10 years she was casted into the many of Allan’s films. In 80´s followed films "Zelig", "Broadway Danny Rose", "The Purple Rose of Cairo", "Radio Days", at the end of the decade Allen concentrated on dramatic material e.g. "Hannah and Her Sisters" that was based on a novel by Čechov, Allen received his third Oscar for its brilliant original script. Then "September", "Another Woman" and "Crimes and Misdemeanors" came after. In the last movie Allen examined the morality of murder. The early 90´s started Allen with movie "Alice", that was based on a riff of Lewis Carroll's "Alice and Wonderland". The critically reviled "Shadows and Fog" was an allegory about anti-Semitism that combined honour to 1930´s German expressionism and 1950´s European art films. "Husbands and Wives", was one of the director's most emotionally violent films. During 90´s he wrote e.g. "Bullets Over Broadway","Mighty Aphrodite", "Everyone Says I Love You", "Deconstructing Harry", "Small Time Crooks" and the mystery "Curse of the Jade Scorpion", "Hollywood Ending," and his last movie "Anything Else", where he played with Christina Ricci, who is 45 years younger.
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