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Oscar Wilde biography
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He is a poet and dramatist of a rare wit whose sayings were more often quoted than those of politicians and scholars.Also an outstanding representative of the Aesthetic Movement in England proclaiming „ Art for Art´s Sake“.


His full name is Oscar Fingal O´Flahertie Wills Wilde. He Was born on 16th October 1854 in Dublin as the second child of Sir William Wilde. His father was a distinguished ear and eye surgeon and a great seducer of women. His father was a successful writer who wrote using the name „Speranza“. He himself was a brilliant student both at Trinity College Dublin (he left with Berkley Gold Medal for Greek) and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was awarded a digree with honours.

In 1884 Wilde married Constance Lloyd from a family of prominent Dublin lawyers. They had two sons – Cyril and Vyvyan. One side of his charakter is often overlooked – his devotion to his wife and sons. Constance was extremely important to Oscar. Their relationship was considered too black-and-white, but we can not forget that they lived in a time of a very male society. Oscar used to tell Constance what she should wear. He sort of invented her – he got her involved in dress reform and in various women´s organisations. Constance was very sympathetic and strong as a person. She refused to run for cover when things got rough and she showed great patience, forbearence and loyality during the times when Oscar started to spend more and more time away. She had great belief in him and she believed him to be a genius. They lived quite happily until Oscar met Lord Alfred Douglas called Bosie. Oscar was mesmerised by the cocky, dashing and intelligent young man and began the passionate and stormy relationship which consumed and ultimately destroyed him. Oscar neglected his wife and children, and suffered great guilt. Alfred´s father, the powerfull, eccentric and cantanterous, Marquess of Queensberry, became aware that Bosie´s „unmanly“ and careless behaviour he despired, could destroy his goodwill in London. He began telling people in public that Wilde was homosexual. Wilde sued Marquess for libel, but lost the trial, because homosexuality was itself illegal at that time. He was convinced and sentenced to two years hard labour in 1895.

The day he left prison he went directly to France. He never returned to England.
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