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It is impossible to read and therefore practically invisible. 4. Subheads. A subhead between the headline and body copy builds readership. For long copy, additional subheads throughout the copy helps retain interest. 5. Number points. "If you have a lot of unrelated facts to recite, don’t use cumbersome connectives. Simply number them."
6. Space between paragraphs. Using a space between paragraphs increases readership by an average of 12 percent.
7. Sex in advertising. "Some copywriters, assuming that the reader will find the product as boring as they do, try to inveigle him into their ads with pictures of babies, beagles and bosoms. This is a mistake. A buyer of flexible pipe for offshore oil rigs is more interested in pipe than anything else in the world. So play it straight." The test for sex is relevance. "[T]here is a functional reason to show nudes in advertisements for beauty products."

Here are some interesting points for television ads:

1. Slice of life. Copywriters hate them. Consumers love them. Consumers should win!
2. Characters. A "character" used to sell your product over a number of years becomes the living symbol of the product. 3. News. Commercials which contain news have above average response. "Products, like human beings, attract most attention when they are first born. For an old product, you can create news by advertising a new way to use it."
4. Testimonials by celebrities. "These are below average in their ability to change brand preference. Viewers guess the celebrity has been bought, and they are right. … Viewers have a way of remembering the celebrity while forgetting the product."
5. Budget. "I have no research to prove it, but I suspect that there is a negative correlation between the money spent on producing commercials and their power to sell products. My partner Al Eicoff was asked by a client to remake a $15,000 commercial for $100,000. Sales went down."

When I was collecting the information to write my seminar paper, I found a really interesting statements which Ogilvy made during his great career as a advertisement creator. Here is a list of his Advertising Rules:

“I hate rules.”
- David Ogilvy

· Choose a short name like 'TIDE', and not a long one like 'Screaming Yellow Zonkers'. · Concentrate your time, your brains, and your advertising money on your successes. Back your winners, and abandon your losers.
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