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My theme for the seminar paper is Advertising. I think this theme is very interesting because the advertisement plays a very important role in a business. But what is an advertising? What is a good advertisement? How can I persuade the people to buy my product? What are the main problems? In the next pages I will try to give an answer to all of this questions.

What is Advertising?
As everybody well know from watching television and reading magazines, there is a lot of ineffective advertising. For example by the next commercial break you can't remember the sponzor of some TV show.

There are some old definitions:
Albert D. Lasker: "I can tell you the secret of advertising - it is news. But the full secret is that advertising is salesmanship in print".
Fairfax M. Cone: Good advertising is simply an effective sales presentation. That was some years ago. The only thing that has changed is that the available media have broadened into radio, film, television, CD ROM and the Internet. But almost a century later there are still people who apparently don't know what advertising is. People who don't realize that advertising is salesmanship in print, pictures and sound allways think that it's communications or entertainment. But there are also some new definition about what an advertisement is:
· advertising is the business, or the art, if you please, of telling someone something that should be important to him. It is a substitute for talking to someone.
· advertising should be clear and also important. The proposition must have value.
· the proposition (the promise) that is both clear and important must also have a personal appeal. It should be beamed at its logical prospects, no one else matters.
· the distinction in good advertising is that it expresses the personality of the advertiser; for a promise is only as good as its maker. (And that's the company - not the account executive, copywriter, or the sales manager).
· a good advertisement demands action. It asks for an order, or it exacts a mental pledge.

A good advertisement:
· will be reasonable, but never dull
· it will be original, but never self-conscious
· it will be imaginative, but never misleading

And because of what it is and what it is not, a properly prepared advertisement will always be convincing and it will make people act.
It is simple to make an good advertisement. You should first put yourself in the position of your prospect.
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