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Hermann Maier biography
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Hermann Maier was born on Dec. 7th, 1972 in Altenmarkt, Salzburg and since then, he lives in Flachau, about 70 km South of Salzburg. Because he does grow up in the perfect environment, the Salzburg Ski World- Salzburger Sportwelt, he does start participating in races at the age of 5. Herminators first curves on skis
He was supported and encouraged by his first trainer, his father Hermann Maier, who owns a ski school in Flachau. Hermann Maier sen. also was a ski racer; he still beats everybody in local competitions. That was the perfect preface for the young Hermann Maier, the perfect start for his grandiose career. Ski sports was in the Maier family an everyday occurace. Next to various ski school activities there were Children and Youth races on Weekends. And skiing just for pleasure was always time for. The days at school
A logical Step after 4th grade was the change to the "Ski Secondary Modern School" in Schladming, about 30 km east of Flachau. Being a pupil there and a member of the Salzburg Pupils Team, Hermann regularly participated in competitions, and soon he was known as a big talent. After 8 Grade Hermann visits the Ski Trade School in Schladming, where one of his fellow students is the later team colleague Christian Mayer. An early blown up dream?
But already in the first year there growing pains put a stop to the dreamt of career. Hermann develops the "Osgood-Schlattersche Syndrome, a development disturbance. At the age of 15 Hermann decides to go into masonry and he does start to like it after all the disappointments at school. The developmental disturbance gradually wears off and Hermann tries to go back to the ski slope. Bricklayer and Ski Instructor
He works at the family owned Ski School and goes through the education for a certified Ski Instructor. During the summer months the future "Skiing Emperor" works as a mason, during the wintertime he patiently teaches the art of skiing in the family business. That way he regains the joy of skiing and the certified Ski teacher fights in various races for good results. In the early 90s (93, 94, 95) he becomes several times Salzburg's Champion (in SuperG, Giant Slalom, Slalom) the Tyrolean Champion in Giant Slalom, the Carinthian Champion in Slalom. Fight Windmills?
For the Austrian Ski Team - ÖSV that appeared not enough and so far all the achievements didn't get rewarded. 1995 Hermann finally gets a chance to participate in the Austrian Championships. After he finishes 18.
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