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Shopping habits
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In a shop you can use credit card or you can pay in cash.
If you are paying by cheque, don´t forget to put your
signature at the bottom. Someone who owns a small shop
is called a shop keeper and someone who is employed to
serve customers in shop or store is a shop assistant. The
salesperson usually serves the customers from behind
a counter. Salesperson: “Can I help you?” Customer: “No,
its OK, thanks. I´m just looking.” This real leather handbag
was reduced in the summer sale, so I only paid 5.95 – it
was a real bargain. In case you want to exchange something,
remember to keep the receipt. If the radio goes wrong
within 12 months, remember it´s still under guarantee. If
you want something for your headache you can get it
at a chemist´s. It´s unwise to buy sandals without first trying
them on. I wanted to buy some trainers but they hadn´t got
my size. If you have a student identity card, some shops may
give you discount. If something is too heavy to carry home
yourself, the shop can deliver it. You can get almost anything
you want in big department store.
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