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Young people in our country
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Many young in our country are pleased with their life.They have good parents who have good approach to life,they are well in school and they have super friends with them they may to do many things.I belong to them.
I'm quite happy and that's why I can't say about problems of young people much.
I haven't any big problems and I hope that it will be the same in future.
I know that some teenagers have problems with their parents.
They are worry about parents' incomprehension and extreme demands of education and behaviour.
Parents usually want their children the same as they were in their age.But that's impossible.
Nobody can't be the same.People may be similar but in different situations their reaction are different.
Someone exerts handle these problems with dustups and conversation with parents but someone with
freedom,disregard and narcotics.
The second eventuality is worse,but it's quite freguent.
All depend on the character of the young people.Some teenagers are spoil about their schools,parents and everything else.
It's their personal problem and it's only on them how they will be resolve it.
I thing that's good when a boy or a girl have some hobby and when they have some duty.
It's the worst,when the young are bored.In this case they look for friends who are bored too.
They begin looks for amusement which is interest and new for them.They begin to smoke, to drink alcohol or use drugs.
The last chance is very dangerous.They ruin their health and damage their psyche.
Young doesn't realize it and they usually thinks that it isn't true.Sooner or later they form a dependence on this addictive
substance.They must have it and they don't see moral rules which almost people observe.They haven't problem when they are stealing in shops and in cars.Someone doesn't be shy to attack weaker or steal own parents.
Such things may to do only people who haven't much ideas how he may be conspicuous and interests for other.
Smoking,drinking alcohol and using drugs is a modern matter especially for young people.
Adults say that they didn't do such things and they can't understand it.
But I thing that they are the same as young but they didn't have the same chance.
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