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The town
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It’s early morning, early foggy morning like always in our town. The way to the centre of the town is guarded by the higher and the lower prominences of stone grey housing estate.
Some of the tenement houses are blinking to the foggy morning like one eye pirates. The town is waking up. First morning busses full of “exciting people” are leaving bus stations. People half dreaming with newspapers in one hand and some of them with a cigarette in the other are “briskly” walking to their work. Children with huge bags on their backs are slowly moving to near schools. Dog walkers are out. All of them full of energy ”are frisking” with their dogs.
Few of Brezno’ s homelesses are coming out from their makeshift accommodation and they are starting their usual searching for everything what can be useful. You can still see them with their heads down.
“Such a nice morning” everyone thinks.
If you are visitor and you just came to Brezno town from west side, that you are on the square, you find out by seeing The Brezno´s volcano which stands exactly in the middle of the square. Well, that’s just fountain, which is hiding before cold under beautiful rusted sheets. Such a nice quadratic central square is edged by ancient houses. Except them, square is edged by people of our darker population who are very nice and with the smiles on their faces are greeting visitors. There are not just one or two, but there are hundred of them It’s so nice of them that they found such a good way of spending their time. That they are hitting each other drinking, of course “non-alcoholic drinks” and rowing. That’s probably only a way to say that they are very happy to be in our town.
“ Once a month our town is full of them
they are everywhere. It’s not a holiday just month rent came. “
Part of vaste gives Brezno to river HRON, which separates older part from new housing estate – Mazorníkovo.
Sometimes people call it WILD WEST or BREZNO BRONX. Survivals of the recent past are muddy roads, not finished paths and uncompleted buildings as well. Our teenagers use them for various cultural activities.
People in Brezno are typical “Kocúrkovania” they are proud of their origin and they are not accepting immigrants easily.
It´s about 4 or 5 p.m. People are coming back from work they are “satisfied and happy they are singing and dancing on the streets”.
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