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Environment and its protection
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The Earth still remains our Mother, the planet we live on. We are not able to live anywhere else. Maybe one day in the future, but.. nobody knows. And in my opinion, this really is the reason weighty enough to upkeep our home, not to make it dirty and dead burning piece of rock circling around the Sun. What am I talking about? This cruel vision of future may become true if we do not stop destroying our Earth. Yes, we have to stop poisoning the oceans and the atmosphere, stop disrupting the ozone layer, stop cutting the forests, stop producing such a huge amount of pollution and many other things. The oceans are being defiled by tons of not rarely toxic waste from the factories along the coastline and along the rivers meeting the ocean. But the greatest and most visible threat comes from well-known oil tank ships, so often crashing and spilling tens of thousands tons of oil. For instance is here the latest disaster resulting in the devastation of the whole Spanish Atlantic coastline. This hap- pens mainly because these ships are sailing the sea in the condition of corroded wreck. And we must not forget about rivers. We must realize that the water we drink comes generally from them. And they are also a popular place to swim in the summer. The next great enviromental problem is called the ozone hole. This phenomenon formed mainly above the Antartica continues to grow in size. The most essential reason of this ‚hole‘ is the chemical reaction of the ozone and some widely industrially produced oxides and freons. Scientist have calculated, that even if we stop getting this stuff into the air now and completely, this process will continue for another tens of years. The ozone layer is inevitable for the life on the Earth, because it absorbs the lethal ultraviolet radiation from the outer space. Oxygen is the element the life simply cannot exist without. And the oxygen is being produced by all green plants. And the greatest amount of such plants is concentrated around the equator line in the tropic rainforests. These forests are being cut for the goal of wood harvesting and making a new agriculural soil. But these soils are not very fertile and they are depleted in just few years, so people cut another areas of the forest. This results into the great disaster for the local nature. The animals have no place to live so they have to migrate or die.
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