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The Treausure (story)
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Young man Tony Black was 27 years old. He was very handsome, tall, and well-bred man. Tony was from poor and unpretentious family. He used to work as a servant for very rich family in East Florida. Brook’s family was very mean and conceited. Tony has always been humiliated by this family. Tony’s salary was very bad. Because he was very wise, he could save some money. Thereafter, he was sending this little money to his parents. He had girlfriend and he wanted to marry her. Because he was always short of money, his big dream was to become rich and make big wedding. Tony had best friend named Jack, who worked as a chauffeur for the same family. They have been scuba-diving in their free time. The day which Tony never forgot is August 11th. It was Sunday. He and his friend decided to visit routine place where they have been scuba-diving very often. That day the sea was very calm, the sun was shining, and the water was pretty warm. They were scuba-diving close to wreck. Suddenly, one dolphin appeared beside them. He was squeaking loudly, so they started to follow him. The dolphin showed them dark cave. Because Tony and Jack were curious, they swam into the cave. Thereafter, they surfaced inside. They put down face-piece and smelt horrible stink over there. It was a lot of things inside that they could see. On the rock which protruded from the water were seaweeds and beside was something. It was big brown coffer. They sat on the rock and started to clean that coffer. After this job was done, they got scared by skeleton which was close to them. Bad stench they could smell before was coming from this scary skeleton. Tony found out that coffer is locked by big metal lock. It was hard to open this coffer and they could not do it. Moreover, they had the fear to open the coffer. They thought that something dangerous could be inside. For that reason, they went back on the shore and called from one phone booth police and coastguard. When the police came, Tony told them everything what was happened in the cave. The police was listened to them carefully and called the professional divers. They pulled the coffer out of the cave. Then they broke the metal lock and found shiny treasure. Tony and Jack were greatly surprised and very happy. They became famous and were in all newspapers. The police congratulated them and their friends as well. Tony and Jack did not need to work anymore because they got extremely rich.
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