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The spring
I like the spring. It is very nice season. Everything comes into flower. Every animal come to life and in country is more of life. The country is more beautiful. In meadows blossom flowers, in forests are little animals and woodland bees fly from their beehive (hive). The summer
I love summer more than other seasons. It’s hot and very nice. Every day I go to swimming pool with my friends or with my family. If I’m not on swimming pool, I’m outside or I play some sport. Every summer I go to the camp. Last two years I was in Tatranske Matliare and I am going to go there this year too. And before that I was in Tatranske Zruby. It’s fun. After camp I return home and I play with my friends. And every year I repeat that.
The autumn
I don’t like autumn, because summer holydays finished and the school started. It’s not nice weather it’s rainy or cloudy. Everyone is sad and unhappy. Me too. The winter
I love winter. It is beautiful season, but only if there is snow in country. I like when I sledge with my friends. In the winter there is very nice feeling. Everyone is happy and everyone is looking forward to Christmas. Shops are full of people who are buying presents. I buy some presents for my family too. Hummingbird
The most beautiful and delicate bird in the world is the hummingbird. Hummingbird are tiny, brightly colored creatures, which lives in forests and feed from the nectar of flowers. The smallest of all is the bee hummingbird, which only weighs two grams and has the smallest nest in the bird world. Not only can hummingbirds fly like other birds, but also they can hover in the air just like helicopters, moving their wings up to 200 times per second.
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