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I like watching films. I like every good film. I go for films to cinema. I like going to cinema with my friends or family or sister. Last time I was for one bombastic film. Its name was The Scorpion king. It was adventurous film. It was about one bad king, who dominates very sorely. And one human tribe decides to change it. They were three last fighters. Two died and the last rescue Greek people. It was very nice film full of love, blood, calenture and trill.
I like films like that film. I like romantic films too. I watch romantic films with my mother. She loves everything romantic. Last romantic film, I saw, was Pearl Harbor. It was very nice film and my mum saw it two times. The best films are comedies. My favorite comedy star is Jim Carey. He has the funniest films, I ever saw. I saw his films like Ice Ventura, Mask, Blby a blbsi and a lot of different films. I like laughing, so you must accept me. I think, it is very important to laugh. It never minds, if you are poor or rich, you can laugh and only laughing connects people.
I like horror films, but not as much as comedies or romantic films. I am always frightened from horror films. I like fear, but I don’t like if some from my friends frighten me. I feel silly.
I am interested in documentary films. I think, people should watch more documentary films. You find out a lot of new and interesting things, like how do the producers do the films and special effects or how do the fishes live. I saw a lot of good documentary films.
I think, people can’t live without TV, so films are very important.
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