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I think cinema is very good thing. I love going to cinema with my friends or neighbors. It is fun. We buy a lot of chips and drinks and everybody buy popcorn, of course. I go to the cinema two or three times a month. Sometimes I go to the cinema with my school. We were for Asterix and Obelix two times, and we were for one different film, but I do not remember its name. The last time I was in cinema with my friends for a one super film. Its name is King Scorpion. My friends and I love that film. In the Czech republic it is the best film. We want to go for a thriller Vazky or to film named Snow dogs.
I prefer watching TV at home too. I watch TV every day. I watch TV 4 hours for a day. Sometimes I watch TV more than 4 hours, sometimes under 4 hours. I usually watch TV in the morning and in the evening, sometimes when I went from school. I like watching familiar films and comedies, but I like other films too.
I love serials. My favorite serials are:
Chicago hope, Step by step, Cosby and Workaholics. My favorite stations are Mtv-music television, Markiza and JOJ.
I love music all, so I watch music in TV too. We have two music stations: VIVA and Mtv. I think Mtv is better than VIVA. I like watching TV in the evening. Every evening I watch TV, it doesn’t consist, what is going on TV, I like every good film, and so I watch nearly everything. But I hate western films or telenovely.
Sometimes I watch old films too with my parents; they love old films, especially my dad. I saw films like’ Marečku, podejte mi pero‘, ‘Hop a je tu lidoop’ or ‘Což takhle dát si špenát’. I saw beautiful stories too. I saw stories like ‘Princezná so zlatou hviezdou na čele’, ‘Popoluška’ or ‘Pekářúv císař, cisářúv pekař.’.

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