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Patrícia, Patrik
Streda, 6. júla 2022
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People can spend their holidays in mountains, spa, seaside or abroad. They can stay in hotel, tent, house or apartments. I prefer going to camps. I was in Tatranske Matliare two times and in Tatranske Zruby one time. This year I go to Tatranske Matliare. This year I go with my sister. I will meet six my old friends from last camps. I am looking forward to it. When I was younger, I was in abroad. I was with my family. We were in Greece. We were in Corfu. It is one of the islands in the Greece. There was beautiful. There was sand beach
and beautiful blue sea. There was very nice weather. There was 32 degrees Celsius. The water was salty and comfortable. There was very good ice cream. There was not sharks or anything danger. But there were a lot of mosquitoes and flies. I was there with my sister, mum and dad. We were on a lot of journeys. One was the best. We were on the ship on the sea. We saw giant cancers, comic seals, meat- eating fishes and sea hedgehogs. I love it there. We were three times in Krpacovo. It is a little town in Low Tatras. I do not remember to it, but I know, there were a lot of little children and a lot of fun. And I know, I had there beautiful time. My parents and I love touristy. We sometimes go to some castle or seat. Last time we were with my cousin Patka in the Kapusansky castle. We lost in the forest, but finally we found a way to home. There was a beautiful country with a lot of different animals. There flown butterflies and bounced frogs in forest. We must had repellent, because there were a lot of mosquitoes. Sometimes we go to Tatras for a little trip. Usually we go to Strbske tarn because there is very beautiful nature and there is peace. There are a lot of old people, who are stroll over the tarn.
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