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Patrícia, Patrik
Streda, 6. júla 2022
Leisure time
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I watch TV in the morning, when I get up and when I go sleep. I sometimes go to the cinema. I love watching science fiction films. We go to the theatre with school sometimes. When I was younger, I went to the cinema every Sunday. I sometimes go to the concert. I hate going to the gallery or museum. I go to the disco too. I love listening hip-hop, rap or pop and I like listening everything nice and modern. My favorite singers are Eminem, Britney Spears, Ramstein, Pink and D12. I do not collect anything, but when I was younger I collected stamps and pictures with horses. I do not like gardening and playing chess. I don’t bet. I watch Olympic games. I like skating, skiing, bicycling, playing football and volleyball. In the summer I go to swimming pool with my friends. We go to sidlisko 3. We think there is the best swimming pool. I have got good attitude to swimming, but I have not any attitude to politics, physic, chemistry, science and technology. But I like computers and I want to work with them. I have got a lot of good friends. They are mostly in Presov, but I have got a lot of good friends in Kosice, Poprad, Nitra or in Liptovsky Mikulas too. I am outside with them every day. I have god some penfrends from Slovakia and from Canada.
I go to the camp every summer. I think it is a big fun. I have new friends there and I meet old friends. I visit a language school twice for week.
I like swimming, bicycling and I love listening music. The best radio is Radio Kiks. I like it because it has interesting programs. I listen it every day. I always listen Kiks Parada. Sometimes I listen Flash Radio, when it is not going any good program in Kiks radio. I like all good music so I listen everything if I haven’t my best radio. My leisure time is full of different activities. I like my leisure time.
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