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Bon Jovi
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Headlining the Monsters Of Rock shows in Europe, they were joined on stage by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley ( Kiss ), Dee Snider ( Twisted Sister ) and Bruce Dickinson ( Iron Maiden ) for an encore of 'We're An American Band'. It merely served to emphasize the velocity with which Bon Jovi had reached the top of the rock league. The tour finally finished in Australia after 18 months, while the album sold millions of copies. When New Jersey followed, it included 'Living In Sin', a Jon Bon Jovi composition that pointed to his solo future, although the song owed a great debt to his hero Bruce Springsteen. The rest of 1989 was spent on more extensive touring, before the band temporarily retired. As Jon Bon Jovi commented, it was time to 'Ride my bike into the hills, learn how to garden, anything except do another Bon Jovi record.' He subsequently concentrated on his solo career, married karate champion Dorothea Hurley and appeared in his first movie, Young Guns II, and released a quasi-soundtrack of songs inspired by the film as his debut solo album in 1990. However, the commercial incentive to return to Bon Jovi was inevitably hard to resist. Keep The Faith, with a more stripped-down sound, was an impressive album, satisfying critics and anxious fans alike who had patiently waited almost four years for new material. To those who had considered the group a spent commercial force, the success of the slick ballad, 'Always', a chart fixture in 1994, announced no such decline. On the back of its success, Bon Jovi occupied the UK number 1 spot with the compilation set Crossroad, amid rumours that bass player Alec John Such was about to be replaced by Huey McDonald. Meanwhile, Bryan released his first solo album, through Phonogram in Japan, and Sambora married Hollywood actress Heather Locklear (ex- Dynasty ). These Days was a typically slick collection of ballads and party rock, and included the hit single 'This Ain't A Love Song'. With their position already secure as one of the world's most popular rock bands, the album lacked ambition, and the band seemed content to provide fans with more of the same old formula. Their profile had never been greater than in 1995, when, in the annual readers poll of the leading UK metal magazine Kerrang!, the band won seven categories, including best band and best album (for These Days ) and, astonishingly, worst band and worst album (for These Days )! These Days Tour Edition was a live mini-album released only in Australia. Jon Bon Jovi began to nurture an acting career in the 90s with starring roles in Moonlight And Valentino and The Leading Man, and enjoyed further solo success with 1997's Destination Anywhere.
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