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Before 1900, rainforests covered 14% of the world’s surface. Today they cover 7%. They have been cut down for land, paper, wood, medicines, minerals and fuel. But it is not only trees, which are disappearing. Every rainforest also contains millions of animals, insect and flowers. These are destroyed too. If man continues to cut down rainforests, more than million species of plants and animals will become extinct by the year 2030.

Acid rain
One of Europe and North America’s most serious pollution problems is acid rain. What happened is this. First, factories send gases and chemicals into the air. There they mix and are carried for hundreds of miles by the wind. Finally, they fall back to earth when it rains. This ‘acid rain’ kills fish and trees. It slowly destroys buildings too.

Animals are the part of environment too. Millions of them are killed or treated cruelly by man every year. There are five main groups.
1.Animals used scientific research (rabbits)
2.Animals killed for sport (foxes)
3.Animals killed for their fur or skin (crocodiles)
4.Animals in danger, because their environment is in danger (gorillas)
5.Animals kept in cruel conditions on farm (some kinds of chickens and cows)

I think Presov is very polluted. People should give dirt to baskets and they shouldn’t let dirt in streets. It’s ugly and it doesn’t prosper to our Earth. People contravene ozone layer and it is bad for our skin and eyes. So people are hamfulling only for people. We shouldn’t do this….

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