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Yann Martel Life of PI
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When I went to church priest the priest glared at me so that I could not feel the peace of Christ. A Bahramin sometimes shooed me away from darshan. My religious doings were reported to my parents in the hushed, urgent tones of treason revealed. As if this small-mindedness did God any good. To me religion is about our dignity not about our depravity. (Martel, pg.71)
Religion is something that should connect us a not divide us into enemies. Religion is something that could be considered as a charming circle where there are not differences among people and that can be pre-step into the world over there in skies where is “One nation, one passport,. One nation in the sky?” (Martel, pg.73). Life is something extraordinary and amazing where every one of us can reach a point of happiness or at least personal satisfaction. This can be define in various ways and especially matters on the personal life expectation. Pi’s found big part of it in his beliefs and trust in God. He made his own religion, perhaps better than all of the others that were are interpreted through the words of the religious leaders and preachers. He was able to connect basically the three completely different religions and joint them together.
“Time is an illusion that only makes us pant. I survived because I forgot even the very notion of time.” Time is like a coin that has to be spend somehow and it’s only up to us how and where we will spend this small tiny shiny treasure. Time is not something that can be plan or that is influence by destiny, time is broad and require presence of mystery. Pi survived because of time and in the same time because he was not part of it. Eight and a half months he was roaming Pacific Ocean stacked on several feet long life boat accompanied only with fellow tiger and routines of his every day life. Would be possible to think about time as something real and infinite in his position. NO. You got to imagine life as something above reality and something that has an end somewhere. Wearing the imagination of fact that time can be the best mediator for death Pi would not survive this big journey. As he said, “what I remember are events and encounters and routines, markers that emerged here and there from the ocean of time and imprinted themselves into my memory.” (Martel. Pg.192). On other hand time was a guarantee of distance; and time as a fear of death was also hope for rescue. Time in Pi’s situation was a antagonistic character that could bring Pi into the skeptical thoughts about possibility of the dramatic end of his journey.
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