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The Little Prince
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His small planet was completely covered by bottles full of alcohol. And why he was drinking too much??? Because he was very ashamed of his drinking. Of course it doesn’t t make any sense, but when somebody tells you something under the influence, it also doesn’t t make any sense. That is really sad.
A businessman occupied the fourth one. He was counting his fortune again and again. He was the owner of things that were the most close to him, the stars.
And as he was still counting his fortune, he seemed to be a confident man.
Business is everywhere today in this time, maybe it can seem humorous, that businessmen give their money to banks and then they take it out again and repeat this process because they like it. The lamp man shined with his lamp on the fifth planet. As the only one he looked so funny to the little prince. He was still lightening up and lightening down the lamp. At least he only cared about himself.
Otherwise it would be such a boring job, but it is a job, and it is maybe useful for somebody.
The sixth one was the biggest. The old geographer was listed his huge book there. The prince found out, that his flowers are omissible and it made him sad, he didn’t want anything happen to his flower as it was his only friend.
On all the planets, the little prince was getting to know how people are. Their behaviour seemed strange nearly selfish to him. He absolutely didn’t understand why people act like that, for him it was unreasonable.
The last planet that he had to visit was the earth, advised by the old geographer. He went to Africa, where anybody was. Only the snake crawled round his foot. He told him: “ There are so many people on the Earth but even though it’s possible to feel very lonely”. The snake was mellow and he was puzzled
As he was walking through the desert he came up to a high mountain and he wanted to make friends with people. There was an echo repeating his words. So he thought the people didn’t have any imagination. On his way he saw flowers and a fox.
The little prince was still thinking of things on earth, people see everything by their eyes, but eyes are blind. People have to search by their heart, said the little prince and he was again thinking about his flower, which he left alone on his planet. He asked a pilot if he could draw a muzzle for his little lamb; so it can’t eat his flower.
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