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The Little Prince
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The little prince

I think, fairy tales encourage children’s imagination, which adults lose later on. That’s why pictures in children’s books are so necessary. The little prince is the best example. Promptly from the beginning there are comparisons between children and adults imagination. A six year old boy drew a big garrotter which was digesting an elephant and that’s why he saw another garrotter which was digesting a beast in another book. He got to know, it swallows and digests for half a year and that was what interested him. He showed that picture (his art work) to adults and asked them what they thought it was. They answered without hesitation:” It is hat of course.” To make matters worse they dressed him down and told him he should learn geography or similar subjects. Adults don’t think of those things and they look at them like they are silly and useless. While children think of and try to work out why something is like it is, adults take it as certainty and they don’t care about it.
After that, he never drew again and he even didn’t learn how to draw.
He had to find something else to occupy himself so he learned how to fly a plane. As he was flying around the world, his engine broke down when he was flying over the Sahara. He had to repair the engine and get back home, leave the desert, where no one could find him. There was no water anywhere.
He was far away from an inhabited area and he fell asleep in the middle of the desert. Later on he was woken up by a quiet voice: “can you…. can you… draw me a lamb please…. please „.? The shocked pilot couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a little boy seriously watching him and he didn’t want to answer any questions. The only thing he wanted to do was a drawing of a little lamb. Considering the only thing he could draw was his digesting elephant, he drew that. He was very surprised when the little boy recognized his artwork. (I tried this also with one five year old girl, and she told me it was an ear. That’s why not all children can see the same picture the same way but each of them can see things differently). So after a few tries (the fourth one was successful, because one lamb was ill, another one too small or not fat enough) he drew a small caddy in which, like he said, is a small lamb. Finally the prince was satisfied, but he was still afraid if there was enough grass, because his planet was very small. That was how the pilot met the small prince.
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